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There is a deeper reality, beyond our individual realities.  This deeper reality comfortably makes room for each of our individual realities to coexist.

Navigating the space between these realities, and trying to bring them together, is a feat of empathy and of deep desire to connect with one another. What we hope to do is to look to published works from members of minority groups, with a particular emphasis on people of color of various identities and backgrounds, and explore the topics that matter to them.

Our role here is to engage with those topics, and explore them in what we hope is an accessible, genuine, informative, and helpful way.

Our  goal here is to create a platform for understanding so that we whypipo can learn how to empathize with problems we might not be able to understand because of how we experience race/racism, and take that understanding back into our various communities. With this knowledge of the issues and topics that matter to and are impacting various communities, we can coordinate to both directly help efforts where we can and should, as well as to make sure that we are all working within our communities in ways that are helpful (read: not harmful) to other communities.

Whypipo need to work within our various communities, but we cannot do this without regard for the many other communities that exist around and within white communities.

If you would like to be in touch, please email wokefullistening@gmail.com.

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