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James Baldwin – Down At The Cross (II)

[Image Description: A grassy field, speckled with fragile,white, wild daisies. On the grass, from left to right: a pair of worn-in hiking boots, with the right boot lying on its side; a black fedora hat with a sewn leather band; a partially-unfolded map tucked just under the toe of the left boot and the brim of the hat; a small metal compass rests on the map, near the bottom-right.]

This post follows from my post James Baldwin – Down At The Cross pretty directly, so I would encourage you to take the time to start there. There is still a lot of ground to cover in terms of messages that white people can start to take in and spread around in our various communities. That’s

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James Baldwin – Down At The Cross

[Image Description: A hymnal with several ribbons as bookmarks is lying open and face-up, with a portion of the book hanging suspended past the end of the wooden surface it rests upon.]

“Down At The Cross– Letter from a Region in My Mind” is the second of two missive-style essays that make up The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin. You may know (or recall from the previous post) that Baldwin was a mid-20th century author, poet, playwright and fierce critic of social issues, particularly along the intersection of

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James Baldwin – My Dungeon Shook

[Image Description: A single, lit match is standing vertically, right of center in the frame. Smoke from the match is curling around the match stick and drifting to the left.]

James Baldwin was an incredible author, poet, and social critic. He wrote from the mid-to-late 20th century, and his impassioned, beautiful work stands as an amazing resource for us white people trying to understand some of the race-related problems that we will never have to experience. And we need to understand the problems that he addresses, because

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