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Life at the Margins (I)

[Image Description: A view across a small flowing brook in a snowy Vermont winter forest. A large, bare-sided. sheer rock face rises a short height from the water, along the far side of the stream, with coniferous and deciduous trees growing atop and behind it. A few patches of snow and ice float on the brook as it flows from the left to the right of the shot. In the foreground of the cliff face, near the bottom-right of the shot, is a wide, single cascade in the blue-green water, creating wintry foam at the edge of the frame.]

Life at the Margins: Reflections on Oppression Part 1: Past the Outskirts of  Possibility This series is going to be different from the rest of what I will write here. I am writing this five-part series as a project for PrideBuzz to share some of the life lessons I have come to see about the intersectionality

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